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Camper thoughts

We used to have a very large Camper van or mobile home which I used to use to take you camping.  One afternoon after having packed it all up ready for departure I’d left Morgan on her own playing in it.  Unbeknown to me you had picked up a strip of travel sickness pills and were chomping your way through them when I found you.  Probably just a precaution but when I took you to A&E rather than spending a night on a pleasant camp site we both spent all night on the children’s ward whilst you were being observed!

Fishing thoughts

Hi Kee and Mogs,

do you remember the sunny days when we used go off and do things?  I was thinking back to when I used to take you fishing usually at Workington or Whitehaven, the first time I think was with Dec and Jord came once too.  We all caught fish but my abiding memory is of how many Morgan used to catch.  One particular day at Whitehaven there was a fish caught every time almost you cast out your line, I can remember being amazed and amused by this.

06/06/18 Thoughts of you

Hello Keenan and hello Morgan,

I hope you are well today and everything is going ok for you.  What plans do you have for the summer holidays which are coming up fast?  I expect you will be kicking back a bit after all the exam pressure and perhaps reflecting on how it went.  All the best to you enjoy every minute.

love Dad xx

05/06/18 Thoughts of You

Hello Keenan and hello Morgan,

It’s a lovely day outside, I hope you are enjoying the weather.  I expect you are both working hard on your revision for your exams?  How is this going, good I hope, just remember you don’t have to be the best just the best you can be, so don’t stress too much.  I hope the exams are going well and that you get the results you want for your future endeavours but whatever happens I will be thinking of you as I do always and holding my hopes together for you both.

Good luck

love Dad xx

Karma..my arse

Sitting just looking out of my kitchen window, busy feathered choristers playing on my ear.  Pippy my youngest daughter is also chirping in my other ear.   My thoughts turn to my oldest daughter Morgan and on how she used to similarly engage me joyfully. Alas no more, as those moments have been taken from me, snatched by a malevolence that dwells in our society, unacknowledged, unspoken, stealthily wreaking heartache as it goes on with impunity working in the shadows. First my heart was broken by her mother then my heart was broken by her mother as poison was dropped into her heart, turning it cold to me.

I was brought up in the belief of restorative justice, be good I was told and good will come to you and those that perpetrate their wrongdoing will be brought to account for their crimes. Well this too is a crime, an abuse of the young vulnerable mind of a child turned against a parents love so where is the justice, where is my karma?