To my Mum

To my Mum all my love and thanks to you

For all those things you have shown me,

Panda, Monkey and playing peek-a-boo,

On my blanket, lying under my tree,

Red, blue and yellow ribbons, we love to sing,

I’ve seen pretty colours, heard lots of words,

Oh the butterfly a wonderful thing

But most of all thanks for all those ladybirds!

The thought of your mother is not your mother

How often do we become locked in our thoughts constantly playing out a scene in our heads, going over it and worrying about how something was or how we want it to be? It is as if that unless we expend this mental energy then we are unable to influence the outcome or alter what has already happened. Well step aside for a moment, observe your thoughts, this is wasted energy because no amount of wishing, worrying or anguish is going to make any difference to reality. Your thoughts on something are not what that something is they are just your thoughts, the imaginary film rolling in your head,”the thought of your mother is not your mother”