Karma..my arse

Sitting just looking out of my kitchen window, busy feathered choristers playing on my ear.  Pippy my youngest daughter is also chirping in my other ear.   My thoughts turn to my oldest daughter Morgan and on how she used to similarly engage me joyfully. Alas no more, as those moments have been taken from me, snatched by a malevolence that dwells in our society, unacknowledged, unspoken, stealthily wreaking heartache as it goes on with impunity working in the shadows. First my heart was broken by her mother then my heart was broken by her mother as poison was dropped into her heart, turning it cold to me.

I was brought up in the belief of restorative justice, be good I was told and good will come to you and those that perpetrate their wrongdoing will be brought to account for their crimes. Well this too is a crime, an abuse of the young vulnerable mind of a child turned against a parents love so where is the justice, where is my karma?

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