How do we frame this our reality?

Where are we now that defines how we feel?

It’s not what is past or what is to be,

It is the here and now, all that is real.

We cannot change what has been and is done,

Long lost longings lay littering the mind,

Desiring of brighter days washed with sun,

Masks the joy of the moment we may find.

Once stopping these whirring wheels that wither

And letting go of all our clinging needs,

Come back centre not hither and tither,

We will rediscover the dormant seeds

Of our true nature bursting in flower,

Feeling the world’s glory and power.


Clinging as I do to this jagged rock,

Clothed in darkness borne of dread and fear,

Desperate forces free to run amock

And confound my eyes with stinging tears.

Head is bowed and its spirit broken,

White limbs are naked, stood in pale relief,

Useless pleas now rested, mute, unspoken,

Every sinew is strained with grief.

Blooded toes keeping a jagged purchase

To stop my failing form from falling in.

Realisation begins to surface,

There’s no way out no way I can win.

Iced, beaded water dots my troubled face,

Running chill pervading through every cell,

The agony and anguish of this place,

To which I have no strength to repel.

Soul crushed, emitting my primal cry

Echoing out into the silent black.

There’s nobody there to question why,

But no solace, no comfort coming back.

No will left to continue with this fight,

Devoid of all courage or fortitude,

In my abyss there is no hope, no light,

Only futility and solitude.

As my spirit takes its leave from my soul

All my torment sharper, now converged,

Lost and losing grip I begin to fall

Into the void now I am submerged.