Black and white

Strange shifts in perspective are occurring whereby the paradigm I’m used to is changing. A broad church of ideas and acceptance of differences is sliding towards narrower viewpoints and decreasing tolerance of diversity. Is it a consequence of wider unsettled times where established norms are shaken and people retreat into something more atavistic, identifying with ingroups as a form of self preservation? It is seen with the rise of identity politics giving a voice to white extremists, pseudo legitimizing these groups which are in fact out and out racist collectives rebranding. This narrow-mindedness is observed on a smaller familial scale with ever decreasing circles of us against them, black and white attitudes where if you are not for the group you are against it. As an antithesis it is necessary to be mindful, cultivating compassion, equanimity and understanding, not retreating into narrow self-interested groups, recognising we are stronger together and remembering ‘that which unites us is greater than that which divides us’.

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