Take our shape from those that we love and hate,

Seeds are watered within defining our fate.

Freedom an illusion from the Other

Taming the soul of sister and brother

And so He lights a fire of desire

To lock us in thoughts of what to acquire.

All fools dancing blind to His Piper’s call

One follows one over the cliff we fall

To the abyss of the rapacious few

Who weave dissatisfaction hitherto.

Un-blind yourself , rise up and know His plan,

Reclaim your space every woman and man.

Pay attention to how we fill our bucket

Through difficult times it can be hard to maintain an evenness of mind as disturbing thoughts and emotions pervade our minds.  Equanimity is that radiant stillness of mind, an even calm which acts as a reference point for our being, the baseline, if you like, from which our emotional life is grounded.  As we go about our lives we are constantly distracted by our conditioning and outside influences creating a tension which pulls us away from this baseline.  In each situation we encounter, the way we should act and feel about a situation is subject to a prior codification,  the further we are away from the norm the more tension we are subject to and the further we travel from the baseline.  So too as we go on filling our minds with memes and code we travel away from our steady state and without awareness and self realisation we seldom return to it.  Through mindfulness and awareness we can maintain the equanimous state as each disturbing thought or emotion is received by our minds like the ocean waves crashing on the stillness of the beach, we can observe these and feel the impact but not become disturbed by it through practice.  Still further we can become aware of what we are filling our minds with, those influences and bits of information that may only be small but through time the effect is cumulative and our mind fills up. Just like one drop of water in a bucket the effect is insignificant but over time the bucket fills up, we need to pay attention to how we fill our bucket.